are you using the right hair product?

Men and boys can experience several types of issues with their hair including dry scalp, greasy hair, low volume, hair loss/thinning and much more. Often, these reasons can be attributed to the type of product or lack thereof, that is being used.

Sport Clips is happy to carry products that are specially made for various types of men and boys, helping to educate and provide the type of product that was made for you and your unique hair.

Below are some selections of our products that can help with the common hair issues that are experienced today:

Hair Loss/Thinning

Nioxin System 1 Kit



Dry Hair

Tea Tree Shampoo

tea tree shampoo


Dry Scalp

Mitch Double Hitter Shampoo/ Tea Tree Lavender Mint Shampoo

MitchTea Tree Lavendar 

Low Volume

Sexy Hair Blow It Up

Style Sexy


Greasy Hair

Mitch Heavy Hitter Shampoo

Double Hitter

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Post contributed by Stephanie D'Evereaux

Manager, Sport Clips McCallum Junction,

Abbotsford, BC